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Poster Printer Solutions is your source for low cost poster printer paper ink and supplies!

Whether you need poster paper, ink, or other supplies, we have you covered. Choose from popular printer models to view supplies and pricing. If you currently do not have a poster printer, check out The Solution Color Poster Printer and see how printing educational, full color posters is affordable and easy! We also carry laminators and supplies to make preserving and displaying your posters a breeze. Choose from the options below to get started or fill out our Request Information form.

The Solution Poster Printer for Schools

The Solution
Color Poster Printer

If you are currently shopping for a poster printer, check out The Solution Color Poster Printer! High quality printing at the absolute lowest price. Learn more >>


Poster Printer Paper Ink

Poster Printer
Paper & Ink

We sell top quality poster printer paper and ink for a variety of printers, including Educator Pro, Perfecta 2400 and 3600, eColor, and more! Find your printer  >>


Cold Laminator
and Supplies

Our Xyron 25″ Cold Laminator and a variety of supplies and accessories makes laminating your posters a breeze. Take a look at our system >>